The Pilates Experience

Golf Pilates


The Pilates Program is an exercise system focused on improving flexibility and strength for the total body while also enhancing posture, balance, and coordination. It is particularly effective in developing core strength. The core is your trunk, from shoulders to the pelvis, which is vital for the over 50 golfers to strengthen, with your mission usually focused on: Hitting longer drives and avoiding injuries.


What sets Pilates apart from other exercise programs?


It is based on quality, attention to detail on form and technique, with fewer repetitions rather than quantity, as in other programs. It is a safe and effective approach that provides the benefits of stretching, strengthening and control while keeping the whole body balanced and strengthened. It's about focus, keeping the mind connected to the body.


Is Pilates for you?


Many after 50 golfers are NOT on any kind of strength and flexibility fitness program. If you are ready to start on one, or if yours is not helping you achieve your fitness, strength, or golf-playing goals, Pilates may be the answer!


One thing is for sure -


By choosing no program, or the wrong one to maintain fitness after 50, is a free ticket to injuries, missed playing time, and diminishing performance on the golf course. Not to mention discomfort, especially in the larger muscles groups such as; Shoulders and Neck, Low back, Quads and Hamstrings.