The Pilates Experience

Getting Started

The most effective way to develop a solid Pilates Foundation  and create a "Balanced & Strengthened, Empowered & Lengthened" physique is by doing Equipment Pilates, either individually or with a partner, under the supervision of a Certified Pilates Instructor. The specialized Pilates equipment is designed to aid  you in gaining the core strength, flexibility, tone and the Mind Body understanding you need to develop a solid Pilates foundation.


Remember, Pilates is not about struggling to get the exercise done. Instead, Pilates is about experiencing the coordination of movements using the correct muscle groups with focus and form. Almost like a symphony of motion, where all the musical instruments are playing in harmony under the careful instructions of the conductor.


It can take 4-6 weeks to feel a difference in your body once starting Pilates on a regular basis. We recommend discussing your health and fitness goals with Karen, so an appropriate Pilates Program can be developed for you.


We are committed to helping you achieve your desired goals.


Individual (Private) Pilates Sessions Prior to starting your individual Pilates sessions, a Pilates Assessment will be conducted to establish an appropriate program that will meet your goals. Any health issues or injuries will be discussed and modifications will be made to accommodate your needs.


Remember it can take 4-6 weeks to develop a solid Pilates foundation and feel a difference once starting Pilates on a regular basis. We recommend, to begin with 2 Pilates Sessions per week.


Semi-Private Sessions (Duets) Work with a friend of similar Pilates level and share in the fun. You and your friend can do Equipment Pilates with one instructor.


Initial Consultation, Evaluation, Gait and Postural Analysis Contact Karen to set your appointment. A discount for this service is applied when followed by the purchase of any of our equipment packages on the day of your evaluation. Please note: The Initial Consultation & Evaluation, is mandatory prior to be trained at The Pilates Experience due to your safety in the studio. Thank you.

You can purchase Individual Private Pilates Sessions and Semi-Private Pilates Sessions individually or in series of 10. All sessions are pre-paid and 24-hour cancellation is necessary to avoid being charged.


We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. For your convenience we can take your credit card information over the telephone. To make an appointment for Pilates or Massage click on the Contact us page. You may call or email us anytime. Please leave your name, telephone number, and the dates and times you are available. We will contact you within 24 hours of your call or email, Monday - Saturday.


Forms Needed – download, print , fill-out and bring in (get a head start!)


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