The Pilates Experience




The spring loaded moving parts on the Cadillac, Reformer and Chair are designed to assist and at the same time challenge the client. The spring tension varies depending on the level of the client being trained. For example in Pilates less is more, the opposite of more traditional weight bearing exercise. It’s more work for your abs! Our newer clients use a little more spring assistance as they are learning the principles and concepts that are really the driving force behind the Pilates exercises.


For example:


Less spring tension creates a less stable environment as the exercise is performed, i.e.; Much more challenging work for your abs.


More spring tension creates increased stabilization for the client. Therefore, the exercise focuses more on the extremities with less responsibility for the abdominals. This, as mentioned above, is safer for the new client. However, this doesn’t mean you aren’t using those new found abs, because you are. We are simply taking the safer route for your learning experience.



The technique and form of Pilates supersede the power type/rushed approach to the program. Because without the knowledge behind the movement you will most likely not understand what is being taught and is not safe or effective.

The springs coupled with gravity, traction your joints while resisting the movement against your abdominals while the client utilizes the five Pre-Pilates Concepts.


Five Pre-Pilates Concepts:

  1. Organization of Trunk
  2. Axial Elongation
  3. Engagement of Core
  4. Neutral Pelvis
  5. Breath



Pilates mat/home exercises including our barrel equipment, which is non-spring loaded, utilize your body weight against gravity while applying the above five concepts/principles.


If you are training in Pilates at least two times per week, which is highly recommended, and utilizing a few home Pilates exercises along with general stretching, the results will be very noticeable inside and out. Long lean muscles, a better posture, stronger abdominals to support your spine, and an overall body freedom you may have never experienced before.


By training twice weekly and doing your homework you create a team situation with your Instructor/Trainer. You then have the ability to reap those benefits sooner instead of stringing out your sessions. Remember, the more you practice anything the better you understand physically and mentally.


We do our best to accommodate a twice weekly appointments for all of our clients as long as schedules permit.


Sounds great, right?


Contact us today for a complimentary telephone consultation.


If agreed, we would set a pre-paid 55 minute appointment for a complete assessment that includes gait, posture, flexibility, and your introduction to Pilates Equipment Training.


This service is discounted when followed by the purchase of any of our 10 Session Pilates Package.


We look forward to hearing from you.


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